Our taquizas is a full-service on-site party catering. We set up our taco cart to serve and cook at your location. Our packages start from 35 people to 150 for larger parties please call 281-777-3067. It includes 5 tacos per person with the choice of two types of meat, 10 cheese quesadillas (quantity of quesadillas increases as the number of people increases), our homemade salsas (red and green), silverware, and toppings such as cilantro, onions, limes, grilled jalapeños, and pickled carrots. Plasticware, plates, and napkins will also be provided. Our service would last an hour and a half and will include cleanup. We also have different packages that can accommodate larger parties as well. FOR LARGER PARTIES PLEASE CALL 281-777-3067


100 people, 125 people, 150 people, 35 people, 50 people, 75 people